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 P Server "NPC base code/shops/drop items" "Sell Item/Upgrade Item"

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P Server "NPC base code/shops/drop items" "Sell Item/Upgrade Item" Empty
PostSubject: P Server "NPC base code/shops/drop items" "Sell Item/Upgrade Item"   P Server "NPC base code/shops/drop items" "Sell Item/Upgrade Item" I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 10:08 am

Quote :
First thing this source based on "Hadeset" source and I have learned a lot from "Korvacs's" coding so , any credits goes to them be4 me

Added Sell Items , Upgrading item and number of items as a reward,

New Adds:-

The Req=lvl edited to accept mini lvl/max lvl and exact lvl --->req=lvl,(<val /// >val /// val)
rew=hair added so u can txt ur barber as u wish
face changes
exp lvling from hitting monsters
socketing Gems at PC artisan
use pots (the effect will appear immediately)
Exp Balls use

plz redownload the Source.rar

and all i ask ppl is reading all posts be4 asking new question that may be answered ,so the thread keeps organize and helpfull

this thread has 5 files attached
-sittingup.rar --->shows how u sit up and run the source
-Rebuilding.rar --->for Vista users and the users will the application conflict error
-Compiled.rar ---> the same source but only the needed running files (u can use just that folder to run the server)
-FullSource.rar --> as it says it is the full server (codes files and running files)
-Hamachi.rar --> to learn how to setup and use hamachi so ur friends can connect to ur server

if u are not experience with C# and codding thing then dont use the full Source files just use the compiled one

Now how is that work ,

For home or local network use ------> sittingup.rar shows how u do it
-Just change the game client server.dat to ur main PC_ID (the pc u will run the server from) -->Pics 1-4 of the sitting up tutorial
-then put the same IP at the server start up program  Pics 5-7
I attached a tutorial how to make it

For remote access (if u have not a host server ) u need a bridge program just like hamachi

use this link to learn how u use it

Now about adding things by ur self

Everytime I will mention a folder or or a file that will be :-
1- if u use the compiled folder that means u will find them at the main folder
2- if u use the FullServer folder u will find them at Source\bin\debug

Adding Mobs :-
-Goto Source\bin\debug or Compiled\debug
-Open the mobs.txt file
-choose the mob name
-r8 down it's ID ,
-Open the Mobspawns.txt file
-Add the next number to the last line ,, means if the file ends with
4 3 430 381 431 382 1002 1
Then ur first number will be 5
Then add the code in that order
Id MobID x1 y1 x2 y2 MapID Number_of_mobs
Whill MobID is the number u wrote down from the Mobs.txt file
-x1,y1 are the first spawning point coordinates
-x2,y2 are the last spawning point coordinates
-MapID is the map where the mobs will spawn (u can find them at the Maps.txt file)
-Number of Mobs how many monsters will spawn in this square

Adding or removing NPCs:-
*Open the NPCs.txt file it sat on that order
Id1 Id2 X Y Type Dir Flags Map
-Id1 is the Npc_spawnID u wont need it coz u wont c it Razz
-Id2 is the main NPC_ID and it is the one u will always need
-x,y is the position it will stand at
-type is the NPC type (warehouse/shopkeeper/blacksmith….etc)
-Dir is the Direction it will take for the first look
-Flags u wont use it either
-Map is the map ID (where the NPC spawn)

To remove one u just need to delete it is line (don’t leave spaces between lines)

To Add one u will need to know all the above NPC data, then r8 them down to the Mobs.txt file

Adding a NPC dialog:-
First u need to get the NPC id , u can do it by pressing the NPC u want to talk then check on the console screen (the black screen pops behind the Server Program), u will c a line saye "NPC_ID <Number> that number is the NPC ID
-Go to Debug\NPCsStuf\Dialog.ini
-Open the INI file
-Start a dialog section by putting the NPC_ID between the symbols "[" "]" , just like that [NPC_ID]
-face=<number> ------firt line is the face (the NPC avatar)
-txt0=<txt> ---- the txt will NPC say when it is been clicked
-opt0=<option1-option2-option_N> -- this are the options the player choose from ,must separated by "-" sympol and the last option must be the end dialog option
-req=<requirements>  the requirements for each option separated by "-" and the requirement it self separated by "," ,, u only have 3 requirements to choose from so far (minimum level-gold-CPs) and u choose one for every option means if u teleporting the player that needs 100 Sliver then " req=gold,100" or u wanna make a quest for players above lvl 50 then "req=lvl,50" and so on
-rew=<rewards> - that is the rewards u will give to the player when he clicked an option and u have 5 things to choose from here (gold,Val/CPs,val/lvl,val/teleport,Map_ID,PosX,PosY/item,iteminfo,Number)
For the item as a reward u have to put the info in that order(item_ID,pluss,bless,enchanted,soc1,soc2,Numb er of items <--- "new")

I dunno what else will u need so I will let u ask after all ,
Hope it will work for u all and hope u will have fun

useful commands

/scroll (place) ----> to teleport to another map (tc/pc/dc/mc/ma/am/arena/jail/bi)
/lvl value --> to level up
/hp --->to fill ur HP
/vit number --> to changae ur vitality
/skill skillname to learn new skill
/item itemname quality plus bless enchanted socket1 socket2
/job value to change ur class Trojan 10-15/warrior 20-25/archer 40-45
/prof value to improve ur weapon proficiency

 This is from another forum, so DONT ask for help

DOWNLOAD LINK: sendspace.com 056mqz

P Server "NPC base code/shops/drop items" "Sell Item/Upgrade Item" 23j4bvp
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P Server "NPC base code/shops/drop items" "Sell Item/Upgrade Item"
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